finally belongs to Major League Baseball – The Miller Twins have sold the name

Major League Baseball and the Minnesota Twins finally own Durland and Darvin Miller sold the domain name to Major League Baseball. Andrew Bucholtz of Awful Announcing posted an article that was sourced from a Tweet by Ben Lindbergh.

Ben had written an excellent piece back in 2015 on the Miller twins and how they had refused to sell the name.

The 2015 story cited that the brothers got the domain name for free.

From that 2015 article:

The Millers told me that they staked their claim to so early that they got it for free. It was the era of Internet land grabs, when all one had to do to rope off a URL was be the first one with the impulse. (They admiringly mention a friend of theirs, Jeff, who “scored,” and still owns, “Everybody has known us as ‘the twins’ for as long as we’ve been around, and it’s an easy way to identify or find us,” Durland said. “As soon as you type in ‘twins’ on the Internet, you’re going to see us pop up.” I imagined clients asking for their phone number, only to be told to “just type in ‘twins.’”

…Plenty have tried to pry it away. “I couldn’t even tell you the different domain acquisition companies that have approached us,” Durland says. “They’ll say ‘Oh, there’s a sports team,’ and I’ll say, ‘Oh, let me guess.’” Durland claims that they’ve had offers as high as $750,000, although the biggest ones haven’t been baseball-related, but from “obscure” sources, like “some sheikh in Saudi Arabia.” One would also imagine that the Internet’s less savory elements have given some thought to the URL’s pornographic potential.

…“We’ve just never been approached by anybody directly associated with the Minnesota Twins,” Durland says. “It’s always been through some other party trying to probably broker a deal, or commission a deal.”

I wrote an article a few years ago looking at ownership numbers for MLB and the NHL.

For Major League Baseball, only, and the newly named Cleveland team remain to be acquired. likely will never be acquired because the New York Football Giants of the NFL own the domain name.

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