$1,000 for a domain name? “I told my wife I would not participate in this kind of cybercrime”

Rich over at Namepros posted a link to a cool story on the owner of FloppyDisks.com. What’s funny is back in the day he was outraged at the asking price of $1,000 for the domain name. This was very early on at the start of the commercial Internet.

From the article:

Hi Tom, it’s great to finally meet the founder of floppydisks.com. We’d love to know a little more about your company. Let’s start with the obvious: how did you end up with the domain for floppydisks.com?

Nice to meet you too! I think it happened during the early days of the Internet, around 1990. At the time we believed that the Internet should be free and that cybersquatting was a crime. One day somebody contacted me and asked if I wanted to buy the domain for $1,000. I felt it was an outrage. I told my wife I would not participate in this kind of cybercrime, but she took out a cheque-book and got the domain name instantly. This went totally against my principles, but thankfully my wife is much smarter than I am.

You can read the whole story here.

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