You have to be aware of premium renewals at auction

Premium Renewal at Auction

If you are not bidding on a legacy domain name extension like .com/.net/.org you need to always be wary of potential premium renewals. Namepros member Primary Names almost had to eat a big renewal and shared his experience with the forum.

I ended up bidding on a non dotcom domain with premium renewal of a whopping $3XXX. Obviously, I did not notice the premium renewal while putting the bid. Slapped my forehead and have been shaking my head over it since.

See now that GoDaddy is auctioning names that have premium renewals you need to be on the look out.

Elliot had tweeted one out around the same time as Primary Names

888 I love that combo, $10,999.99 renewal I hate that number. And as a side not .99 on the end, really? Come on xyz. I like to check any new gtld or cctld at the premium renewal may vary but it lets you know it’s a premium and for most that’s all they need to see to steer clear.

GoDaddy was quick to reply,

When we began adding premium renewal domain names to GoDaddy Auctions, visibility of the renewal fee within the design was important for us.

That’s why, before completing your bid, you will always see the renewal price indicated. There are multiple ways to bid through GoDaddy Auctions, and in all scenarios you will see the renewal price before completing your bid. In the example above, it’s located right below the current bid fee. Elliot correctly saw the domain’s renewal fee.

User feedback is always valuable, though, and we’ll share this with our UX team for future consideration.

The point is never bid on anything where you are not looking out for the renewal unless it’s a com/net/org.

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