Some newly discovered domain name sales including and

So I was checking out some of the history of sales on This is found by clicking the view successful transactions link on the home page.

So playing around with different filters I came across some interesting domain name sales not reported on Namebio.$95,600.00USDT (TRC-20)USDT (TRC-20)One time4/17/2022
Registered: 29th August 2004 Currently does not resolve. Cloudflare Nameservers$25,000.00BitcoinBitcoinOne time1/16/2021View
There is a page up with some graphics and a coming soon message. Outside of this would the highest exact match crypto. ext sale.$59,000.00BitcoinBitcoinOne time5/10/2021View
Developed website, Part of the Coinvesting Group, Coinvesting Capital Ltd. is the financial arm of the Group.$22,469.00BitcoinBitcoinOne time10/3/2022
Does not resolve$15,000.00BitcoinBitcoinOne time12/30/2021
The .com sold for $35K in 2015. Does not resolve.$15,000.00BitcoinBitcoinOne time1/11/2022View
Developed website up and running, Business formation, etc…

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