closes at $199,000 on GoDaddy auctions


Casino is one of the most popular keywords when it comes to domain name sales. I had written a few years back that when you look at exact keyword sales, Casino leads the list with 75. $7.1m in dollar volume with $94.1K being the average price. $5.5m for was the high sale.

Two word casino names also have done very well and today we saw a huge one. closed at $199,000 at GoDaddy auctions. It ranks 6th all time in Casino related domain name sales at Namebio. This was not a backlinks play, there are few according to Ahrefs. is a developed website.

According to CasinoBonus registered in 193 extensions. This is a niche I know very well. With online gambling legal in more and more states, people are inundated with casino bonus offers. This is a highly competitive niche and it will be interesting to see who won the auction.

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