Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2023

With so many domain investors focused on A.I. and looking for domain names to buy in that particular space, I thought this article I came across might be worth a read.

Bernard Marr & Co published this article at the end of last year. But it’s focus is on trends in A.I. for 2023.

The article takes a look at 5 trends they have identified. The one I found most interesting was the Ethical and Explainable AI section.

From the article:

Ethical and Explainable AI

The development of more ethical and explainable AI models is essential for a number of reasons. Most pressingly, though, it comes down to trust. AI requires data in order to learn, and often this means personal data. For many of the potentially most useful and powerful AI use cases, this might be very sensitive data like health or financial information. If we, the general public, don’t trust AI or understand how it makes decisions, we simply won’t feel safe handing over our information, and the whole thing falls apart.

In 2023 there will be efforts to overcome the “black box” problem of AI. Those responsible for putting AI systems in place will work harder to ensure that they are able to explain how decisions are made and what information was used to arrive at them. The role of AI ethics will become increasingly prominent, too, as organizations get to grips with eliminating bias and unfairness from their automated decision-making systems. Biased data has been shown to lead to prejudice in automated outcomes that can potentially lead to discrimination and unfair treatment – which simply won’t be acceptable in a world where AI plays a part in decisions involving employment and access to justice or healthcare.

Read the full article here

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