sells for 6 figures

Joshua Schoen announced on Twitter/X the sale of two .io domain names. Both in the $140K range, one has to remain private now. But we was able to announce sold for $144,261. The transaction was conducted in Bitcoin. Congrats to Joshua on two great … sells for 3 BTC ($125K)

On Friday we wrote about James Booth selling for $150,000. Now he is back selling 0 (zero).io for 3 BTC or $125K. That’s called being on a roll. Congrats to the Booth brothers once again. SOLD – for 3 BTC ($125k) Partnered with … sells for $150,000

James Booth announced on X (formerly Twitter) that sold on Squadhelp for $150,000. He thanked Darpan and the Squadhelp team. It ranks third all time in reported .io domain name sales. Right after and Congrats to James and Andy. Happy to announce …