is now live is now live. SilentG on Namepros brought this to my attention. is built with Llama 3.

The competition for ChatGPT is here and you can read the full announcement on


  • A better assistant: Thanks to our latest advances with Meta Llama 3, we believe Meta AI is now the most intelligent AI assistant you can use for free – and it’s available in more countries across our apps to help you plan dinner based on what’s in your fridge, study for your test and so much more.
  • More info: You can use Meta AI in feed, chats, search and more across our apps to get things done and access real-time information, without having to leave the app you’re using. 
  • Faster images: Meta AI’s image generation is now faster, producing images as you type, so you can create album artwork for your band, decor inspiration for your apartment, animated custom GIFs and more.

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