Task.ai did not get paid for again

No one wants to pay for Task.ai apparently. Task.ai was the high closing auction the previous two months at Dynadot’s .ai expiring auctions. Task.ai closed at $84,000, and it closed at $78,777 the month before.

Igor Gabrielan was kind enough to let me know that it was not paid for again. When I asked him how he knew he explained he received automated email from Anguilla-registry with this information.

Last month Vincent Cate said they were going to be charging 5% deposit fee and 5% non paying fee. I wonder if they are collecting these?

3 Replies to “Task.ai did not get paid for again

  1. yes, a few didn’t get paid for, as I received notice on 2 domains I was bidding on that they would be avail again due to “non payment”

    I still don’t get it, as you’re supposed to have a certain amount in your account to bid

  2. What dynadot could maybe do, is require a non-refundable 10k deposit into the account bal after the bid exceeds 10k before allowing the next bid to be allowed. It’ll make people think twice before continuing.

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