Anguilla and .ai domain names featured in Forbes article

It was not only covering .ai and Vincent Cate this week, a far more larger publication also did a piece on .ai and Anguilla. Forbes is out with an article titled, “The Tiny Caribbean Island That’s Making A Fortune From AI” Barry Collins the author did a good job in my opinion. One of the interesting parts was comparing .ai to .tv where the article points out that .ai runs the registry itself so the country gets most of the money.

Vincent is quoted in the article:

The island is earning around $3 million a month from .ai registrations, according to Cate, but he predicts that figure will at least double as domains come up for renewal. “We do the domains for two years, and so all of our money now is new domains,” he said.

“And if we just stay at this level of $3 million per month for new domains, when the renewals kick in a year from now, we’ll just jump to $6 million per month.”

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