closes at $100K at Dynadot

175 expired auctions closed today at Dynadot, was the high close at $100,000. In total there were 8 five figure or better auction closes. It’s funny back in 2018 someone picked up for $100 and this time around $20,088.

Rick Schwartz is now in the .ai space according to a tweet today.

vision.ai100,000 USD2024-01-01Dynadot
trick.ai24,977 USD2024-01-01Dynadot
insure.ai24,700 USD2024-01-01Dynadot
dog.ai21,311 USD2024-01-01Dynadot
betty.ai20,088 USD2024-01-01Dynadot
he.ai15,800 USD2024-01-01Dynadot
initiate.ai13,200 USD2024-01-01Dynadot
magazine.ai10,000 USD2024-01-01Dynadot

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