Can anyone beat Dynadot?

There are still two months left to go in 2023 and the annual Namepros best/favorite registrar of the year poll. Once again it seems like no one can stop Dynadot. So far they have over 48% of the vote. They are looking for their

Newcomer Spaceship is actually in second place and when you combine that with the 26 votes for Namecheap it seems two companies continue to dominate the hearts and wallets of the largest domain forum on the Internet.

Why do you think Dynadot is so overwhelmingly popular with domain investors?

GoDaddy with over 52% in 2016

GoDaddy wins in 2017

18 months later NameSilo won

Epik won the early 2020…gistrar-in-the-business-2020-edition.1179681/

Dynadot won end of the year 2020

Dynadot won 2021

Dynadot won 2022

2 Replies to “Can anyone beat Dynadot?

  1. When a company cares and supports their customers,they would get positive feedbacks .Dynadot listens and I hope they don’t start acting like Godaddy as ther ego got to their head .Dynadot offers discounts here and there while godaddy who should hold their head in shame wants to eat every profit from commission.

  2. 15+ years with Dynadot and I am so thankful a company like them exists. The crap I’ve went through with other registrars with simple stupid problems just this year alone… wow.

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