That’s one heck of a rollback $20,250 to $15

GoDaddy Auctions Rollback

More and more attention is being given to games being played at GoDaddy auctions and subsequent rollbacks.

Michael at Namebio posted one hell of a rollback today at Namepros. from $20,250 to $15.

Veteran domain investor Brad Mugford weighed in:

@GoDaddy is making a mockery of domain auctions.

People are paying more for GoDaddy closeouts than scammers are paying for (5) figure domains.

There seems to be no actual sense of urgency to address this fraud.

Unless there is some hidden benefit to GoDaddy, like inflating the revenue when it comes to accounting or there are some insider shenanigans, the lack of action on this doesn’t make any sense.

The amount of income this is costing GoDaddy in a couple weeks is likely higher than dedicating the resources to actually fix it.

GoDaddy has the data and could follow the trail to track down who is abusing the system.

If the rollback is automated, that is an issue.

If it was manual, it means someone at GoDaddy actually looked at this and thought $15 was reasonable.

It’s obvious something needs to be done.

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