sells for $50K sold for $50,000 at Sedo. The seller was on Namepros back in August discussing potential offers they received.

They wrote:

I have 2 different offers right now at $35k and $40k. What do you think is the max I can get if I let it go in an auction? TIA

After getting some interesting comments like pics is not a good keyword and a few others saying ask for $100K. The seller updated the thread.

Update: Without responding to the offer (but setting the buy price to $100k), it seems the buyer has just increased their offer to $50k. That was previously what I responded as my ask when they first offered a paltry $15k.

This would be my reserve in an auction regardless, so looks like I could convert to the auction on Sedo with this as the reserve.

According to Pics is registered in 220 domain name extensions.

Congrats to the seller.

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