Verisign launches

Verisign has published their Domain Name Industry Brief also known as DNIB, for many years. (20 volumes in total) They have now set up a website at

Andy Simpson posted a blog report detailing what the new website is about.

From the article:

With this new site, we’re expanding on Verisign’s Domain Name Industry Brief (DNIB) to deliver a dynamic experience, updated monthly, allowing visitors to explore the Domain Name System (DNS) data in new ways. We’re introducing three interactive dashboards at launch. I want to provide insight on how to use each of them, starting here, exploring the dashboard that has the most overlap with the original DNIB quarterly report.

The Global Domain Name Base Trends dashboard expands on the traditional DNIB quarterly report in three helpful ways: visualizing long-term historical trends, offering a look at regional trends from around the world and visualizing the most comprehensive top-level domain (TLD) data the DNIB has ever offered.

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