The Top 5 for 4/19/2023 4N.coms take 3 of the top 5 spots led by

The Top 5

Three of the top five transactions on Wednesday were 4N.coms. led the way at $13,500. The other two were less than half because they contain either a 0 or 4. was the second highest sale, I sometimes see the .net as it’s in Philadelphia. The .com owner was based out of Brooklyn and closed.

5386.com13,500 USD2023-04-19GoDaddy
champsdiner.com9,940 USD2023-04-19GoDaddy
6026.com6,100 USD2023-04-19GoDaddy
4043.com5,600 USD2023-04-19GoDaddy
natefacs.org5,100 USD2023-04-19GoDaddy

All sales data courtesy of Namebio

Note: There are many sales that are unreported each month. We cannot comment on the unknown, so we deal with what’s reported to and by reliable sources.

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