Long running PayPal gripe site – PaypalSucks.com expires

Paypalsucks.com was online for a long time, a site that described itself as the world’s largest eBay and PayPal gripe site. The site was featured in many high profile publications including The Washington Post and MSNBC. It looks like the site went down in 2021.

Circa 2003 courtesy of Archive.org.

Archive.org shows:

Welcome to the world’s largest eBay and PayPal consumer gripe site network! Have you been burned by PayPal or eBay? Join the club! No, we are not here to just sit around and complain. You see, individually, your voice gets easily lost in the crowd, or just ignored. But, together, WE CAN MAKE A HUGE NOISE. Join our fight to expose the truth about PayPal and Ebay to the world. Unite with us as we build the largest united front against this evil empire. We WILL FORCE PAYPAL AND EBAY TO HEAR US. By joining us, you are making our voice that much louder. However, We need your help. Follow the important steps below to make OUR VOICE LOUDER.

Ahrefs shows a backlink profile:

Backlink profile for paypalsucks.com

Domain Rating 59

Backlinks 563K 99% dofollow

Linking websites 2.8K 62% dofollow

The domain name expired and closed at $5,751 at NameJet.

There is another PayPal gripe site at PayPalSucks.org. In fact DotDB.com shows paypalsucks registered in 7 extensions.

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