Dynadot updates Terms of Use

Dynadot has made some updates to their terms of use. The company is no longer an LLC and now Dynadot Inc. According to one legal website some of the reasons for doing so include, an easier structure to raise capital and implement employee incentive plans, and corporations can deduct some health insurance and fringe benefits. The management structure is well-established in a corporation

  • We have reinstated our privacy service to strengthen the level of privacy Dynadot’s platform provides
  • We have updated our Terms of Use to clarify terms applicable to purchases subject to payment plans
  • We have converted from Dynadot LLC to Dynadot Inc.

To access our Terms of Use, please visit this link: https://www.dynadot.com/terms-of-use.html

The payment plan terms are now the following:

If You sell a Marketplace Domain on the Dynadot Market and the respective buyer’s purchase is subject to an instalment payment plan, then Your account shall be credited, within 10 business days of each date when the buyer makes a payment under the payment plan, an amount equal to the buyer’s respective payment under the payment plan, except the first such payment under the respective payment plan which shall instead equal to the amount of the buyer’s first payment under the respective payment plan less a percentage equal to Dynadot’s commission fee, as specified elsewhere on this website or App, applicable to the price at which the respective Marketplace Domain sold.

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