sells for $99,000 at Sedo – Story behind the name sold today at Sedo for $99,000. The domain name was an Japanese video hosting site that apparently hosted videos that infringed on a Japanese adult video producer.

From Mondaq.com

Will is a Japanese adult entertainment producer with more than 50,000 videos registered with the US Copyright Office. Will sells access to its content on its website, where it makes more than $1 million per year from US consumers. Defendants Youhaha Marketing and Promotion (YMP) and Lee own and operate, a Japanese-language video-hosting website similar to YouTube. allows users to upload and view videos for free alongside advertisements posted by third-party vendors.

The site was hosted in Hong Kong and the defendants did not believe the U.S. had jurisdiction to rule on the case.

The Ninth Circuit also noted that the website’s legal compliance pages were only relevant to US viewers. The Privacy Policy page only guaranteed that the site was lawful for users in the United States, and the website provided pages specific to US law, including the DMCA and 18 U.S.C. ยง 2257. These facts, in addition to the host server and CDN in North America, indicated that the defendants had “prepared for U.S. visitors to the exclusion of all others” and expressly aimed the site at the United States.

Now this was a copyright claim by one company, I do not know what else transpired after the September 2022 ruling. Possibly the owners just sold the name to avoid any more problems. shows solid numbers:

Domain Rating 62

Backlinks 932K 90% dofollow

Linking websites 1.2K 73% dofollow

The domain name is now parked at Sedo.

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  1. Parked at Sedo? It looks like a fully functional Japanese AV site to me. Perhaps the new owner recreated the old site while removing all the copyright infringing content?

    1. Yes it was parked at Sedo, so it’s possible the new owner will now look to recreate the past site. It’s the only way the links remain valuable and they did spend $99,000.

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