.io and .co see 2022 sales numbers drop precipitously vs 2021

2022 has not been kind to .io and .co reported sales numbers. Both extensions have seen a pullback in 2022 vs 2021.

The .io extension has been popular with tech companies for many years. All the while embroiled in the controversy of the Chagossians wanting the extension back.

Mike Carson and his Park.io have dominated dropcatching .io domain names for many years. But this year volume is way down at Park.io.

Namebio shows Park.io with 206 .io sales in 2022 vs 1,208 in 2021. $257K in sales vs $2.1m. Looking at all venues, sales have come in at $2m vs $4.2m in 2021 with just 6 weeks left in 2022. Just one 6 figure sale in 2022 vs five in 2021.


852 sales in 2022 so far compared to 1,515 in 2021. The total dollar volume in 2021 for .co has come in at $1.1m vs $3.1m in 2021.

2021 saw three 6 figure sales and five sales over $80K. So far in 2022 .co has only one sale over $80K with zero 6 figure sales. Swetha has three 6 figure .xyz sales alone in 2022.

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  1. Thanks for the update on .io and .co
    One thing to point out is that most of us with large .io sales do not report these sales. Competition for good .io domains grew so much that many think reporting was driving up acquisition costs. A good way to look at it is to imagine how .xyz values seem without the reporting of its biggest private seller. As an asset class domain names have held up as good or better than anything in 2022. Keep up the good work with your blog and industry input.

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