GoDaddy sponsored post on TechCrunch about the importance of premium domains

Importance of Premium Domain Names

GoDaddy ran a sponsored post on TechCrunch on the importance of acquiring a premium domain name.

Nice to see them spend some cash on the topic of acquiring domain names. It keeps the topic fresh on the mind of investors and startsups reading TechCrunch.

The article titled, Getting a premium domain name is important. Here’s how to do it right. The article is mostly a sales pitch to use GoDaddy brokerage but it does provide insights for why people want to upgrade. GoDaddy commercials that I watch on TV tend to focus on running a business and all the services GoDaddy provides, never mentioning acquiring a domain name.

From the article:

For others, especially those who’ve used the same domain name for a long time, the path forward is less obvious. Answering the questions below can offer clarity:

  1. Is your current domain name very long or hard to spell?
  2. Is your domain name difficult to remember? 
  3. Are you using a domain extension that’s not standard for your industry?
  4. Have e-commerce sales become increasingly important to your bottom line?
  5. Are you trying to expand beyond your local market? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be ready for a new domain name.

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