Brad Mugford and Bill Hartzer AMA’s on Namepros

Brad Mugford AMA

Both Bill Hartzer from and Brad Mugford ( started AMA threads at Namepros. On Namepros they are called Ask Pros Anything.

Brad is always open and shares a lot. I have interviewed him twice over the years. Bill is answering questions on the topic of stolen domain names and how helps.

Side note I was the person who came up with the name DNProtect and it was selected by Epik from a thread they started at Namepros years back on what to name the new product.

Brad’s APA has been much busier as a lot of investors don’t really think much about stolen domain names until they have one stolen.

Bob Hawkes asked an interesting question,

If you were starting from scratch today, would you still go into domain investing?

Brad answered:
3.) Tough call. I would still say yes, but I would probably modify how I operated.
It is certainly tougher today to find appealing investment opportunities on public venues than in years past.

Low liquidity is the main reason returns on domains can be so high, but at the same time I think they pair well with traditional investments like stocks, real estate, precious metals, etc. I would not have all my eggs in one basket.

You can find Brad’s APA here, Bill Hartzer’s here.

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